Oil Buddy

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Oil Buddy No Spill Oil Spout for 1 Litre / 1 Quart Fluid Containers
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The first ever Automatic On/Off Spill-Proof Oil Spout

By far the easiest way to refill Motor Oil, Transmission Oil and
Two - Stroke Oil. 
Fits most 1 - Quart/1 - Litre Bottles.

Oil Buddy Oil SpoutOil Buddy Oil Spout

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Oil Buddy Oil Spout

For do it yourself oil changes or refilling small tanks in lawn mowers, snowblowers and chainsaws, Oil Buddy is your best tool. Eliminating the messy cleanup and spillage problems, Oil Buddy gets the job done fast and easy without getting your clothes dirty.

For small fill ups, the Oil Buddy screws onto the head of the oil container and can be left there for further use if the bottle is still partially full. When the valve is closed, oil can't get out and dirt can't get in. Even if the oil container gets knocked over, no spillage will occur.
Best of all, the Oil Buddy mechanism ensures that the oil stays inside, this means you can take the Oil Buddy off the bottle and put it on another container without getting your hands dirty, the outside of the Oil Buddy stays clean.

Oil Buddy Oil Spout