Oil Buddy Test Market Sales

Our test market research showed an actual increase in spout sales, as it would appear that a large percent of customers are not using spouts, for a multitude of reasons, but are open to trying something new (especially if it is located on counters or near high traffic areas). These new sales will come mostly from customers who traditionally might not go out of their way to purchase a fluid spout.
We placed our product in several test retail locations and then tracked the sales from that point. 

The locations were as follows:

  • one Home Hardware store
  • one Industrial Supply Outlet
  • one Automotive Supply Store
  • two Marine Outlets
  • Napa Store in Oregon
  • Canadian Tire Store in Prince George, BC
  • selected Petro-Can locations across Canada
All of the above locations were retailing the Oil Buddy at $2.99 except for the Marina which had the Oil Buddy priced at $3.99.

The Automotive Outlet sold 18 Oil Buddies in two weeks (small store in Ladysmith, BC)

The Marine Outlet sold 30 Oil Buddies over a one month period.

The Home Hardware store sold 26 Oil Buddies in 2 months.

The Industrial Supply Store sold 18 Oil Buddies in 2 months.

Last June, the independent Napa store, in Oregon, starting purchasing the 24 pack 1 Qrt Oil Buddy counter display as well as the 24 pack Seatbelt Adjuster counter display. The have been averaging 12 sales per month of both spouts and adjusters. They have commented that these are very good impulse products.

Petro-Can tested the Oil Buddy in 300 large convenience stores last summer. Sales were up to expectatioins and future programs are being planned.

It should be noted that all of the above outlets placed the Oil Buddy counter displays at the checkout counters.

The Canadian Tire store in Prince George has sold 28 of the counter display 1 Qrt Oil Buddy plus 16 carded Oil Buddys which are on pegs, in the oil alley for a total of 44 sales from June to December 2004.

During Stocking Stuffer season (last 2 weeks before Christmas), the oil buddy was tested in a small Marina in Nanaimo BC. Over 26 of the 1 Qrt Oil Buddies sold and the store manager said that in one day, two women bought 3 a peice and told him that they would make good stocking stuffers.
Oil Buddy Sales in large retail operations.

Did You Know?

The Oil Buddy comes in two different sizes so that you can use it for all of your fluid pouring needs. The Oil Buddy II is designed to fit most 1 gallon/4 Litre containers while the original Oil Buddy was designed to fit 1 Litre/1 Quart sized containers.