Buckle up Angel Foundation

Buckle up Angel Foundation

Seatbelts save lives….texting while driving takes lives…..

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Statistics claim over 56% of Teenage fatalities are found unbuckled and Teen Source state that 66% of Teenagers killed in car crashes are also found unbuckled, along with the ever increasing tragedies occurring as the result of teens texting while driving, is proof that it is time to shift gears and introduce new programs to reach our youth.

Buckle up Angel Chapters will be formed in High Schools Nationwide and the student chapter members will invite parents and seriously injured drivers who ignored using their seatbelts properly and or texting when they shouldn’t have been, to speak to their classmates.

Parents also would be invited to come to schools to share the tragic loss of their loved ones as a result of being distracted while texting.  I have seen how fellow students mourn when their best buddy gets killed while texting and driving.  My 19 year old Grandsons close friend swerved his car to get back on the road when looking up after texting.  His car rolled many times and due to his inexperience was thrown out and killed.  He was not wearing his seatbelt.

I realize schools are working relentlessly to offer safe driver education and invite speakers to come to convey the pain endured through their loss.  Our plans and missions is to come alongside these institutions and create annual events which will draw students from smaller rural schools and bring them to larger arenas to rally together and to educate and empower them to be able to bring change to their communities.

Innovative Buckle up and Buckle up Angel logo’s have been designed to be imprinted on a host of products for multiple uses, primarily on Automotive Accessories that will display the life saving “Buckle up message” reminding the driver and passengers to be safe, every trip, every time…when getting into their vehicles.  A donation from sales will be sent to the foundation.

The Buckle up Branded Merchandise will be sold in the Mass Retail Marketplace and will be excellent gifts for the parents to buy to give to their teenagers to be a voice for them in their absence.  It is also in our plan to donate a portion of the proceeds of each sale to “low Income/Single Parent families to assist them to afford professional Driver Training for their teens, thus helping them to be able to get part time work as well as creating safer highways.

Synergies are going to be enjoyed between both charities and student members from “Guardian Angel” will be invited to participate with their sister/brother “Buckle up Angel” Chapter members, in their busy annual spring Safety Awareness Campaign events and fundraising rallies which will tie in nicely with the Annual Spring Click it or Ticket Buckle up America Campaign.

These events will be instrumental in gathering students together and building stronger relationships and will build a higher level of respect towards each other and the business community, thus promoting unity instead of disunity.

For further Information please contact Mr. Terry Campbell, President, Masterlink Marketing Inc. 250-562-5940/masterlink@shaw.ca.

More Fundraising Opportunities for guardian angel

Local Businesses will be asked to Buckle up with the Chapters and support their Cause for fundraising.  Some annual initiatives are going to be birthed with Local Businesses i.e. Employees Safe Driving Award Week where the employers will let their workers know that they are not only concerned for their safety at work but also concerned about their safety when driving to and from work.  They will be able to give them the Buckle up and Buckle up Angel logoed Auto Accessory Products that have been designed to offer them comfort and safety when driving. 

Our number one proven Buckle up Brand of seatbelt adjusters have been a major motivator to get drivers to use their seatbelts properly as they adjust the shoulder strap off of the neck and/or chest area.  Our number two product will be our innovative Buckle up Angel Air fresheners, along with the future addition of vent sticks and oil fusers that also attach to the Air Vents Sticks. Our number three product will be Coffee Mugs, as every time the user takes a drink they will see the Buckle up Logo, plus they will appreciate that their employer is thinking of them and their family.

Our Buckle up Brand and NBCF Inc. Pink Ribbon Brand of Seatbelt Adjusters are now available and can be easily sold by the student members to local Mom and Pop Outlets to raise funds.  The double carded 2 pack comes in a 24 piece Shelf Display that nicely fits on end aisle shelves where busy traffic will get to see them.  They also can take some out of the display and hang on clip strips or pegs.

We also have a single packaged Seatbelt Adjuster Counter Top Display which has a small 3’ by 5” long footprint and can be placed at checkout counters in local Car Dealerships, Stores and Gas Bar Outlets.  

Seatbelt Adjuster is a great impulse item when placed in front of the consumer.  They can be sold to local physiotherapy clinics as people who have chest and shoulder injuries are easily irritated when the shoulder strap rubs the neck and/or chest area.  With a good imagination there is no end to where the members can sell the adjusters.

If the chapter members are successful in selling our adjusters and want more variety we can start manufacturing the Air Fresheners, Floor Mats, Seat Covers, Travel mugs etc.  The Buckle up Brands will sell year round, but it should be noted the season to get the highest sales and Foundation Chapter awareness is in the Spring when the “Click it or Ticket” Annual Buckle up America Campaign runs.  Members could also sell the Buckle up logoed floor mats to local Taxi Companies. 

And the Local Chapter members will be able to sell our licensed NBCF Inc. Brand of Auto Accessory Products which ties in nicely with the Fall National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, which runs from September to the end of December.  Consumers would also buy them along with the Guardian Angel Branded Merchandise for Christmas Gifts.  The Chapters would purchase the branded merchandise at whole sale costs and sell for full retail making a 50% margin.  This fundraising plan will also create awareness for the GAAB Foundation and their cause as well as the local Chapters Cause.

The “Buckle up Angel” and “GAAB” Foundations vision is Global and will require a large administration base.  Fortunately the baby boomer population will be producing a host of retired executives and experienced professionals who will get bored from lying around the house and will gladly welcome some part time and full time employment to help the cause, especially those who have youths, children and/ or grandchildren.  I am sure there also will be those who will interested in donating their time.

For further Information please contact Mr. Terry Campbell, President, Masterlink Marketing Inc. 250-562-5940/masterlink@shaw.ca.